Day One – Friday, August 24, 2018

Östasiatiska Museets hörsal, Skeppsholmen



Coordinator for Day One:  Demosthenes Lorandos


8.30 Registration


9.00 Welcome and Some Practical Information


9.15 William Bernet – “The Scientific Foundation for Parental Alienation”


10.00 Amy J. L. Baker – “What Research Says about Parental Alienation Strategies and the Harm Done to Children and Families”


10.45 COFFEE / TEA


11.00 Ronald P. Rohner – “They Love Me, They Love Me Not – And Why It Matters” 


11.30 Simona Maria Vlǎdica – “Parental Alienation – A Form of Severe Child Psycho-logical Abuse: Implications for the Decision-Making of the Courts on the Exercise of Parental Authority” 


12.15 Nick Child – “Finding Parental Alienation on a Bigger Map: Useful Learning from Wider Perspectives” 


13.00 LUNCH at the restaurant at Moderna Museet


14.00 Steven G. Miller – “How Can – and Should – Professionals Accurately Distinguish between Alienation and Estrangement?”


14.45 Matej Zaplotnik – “Parents’ Rights and Responsibilities: Experience of Parental Alienation in Slovenia” 


15.30 Ryan Thomas – “When Your Alienated Child Doesn’t Respond”


16.00 Panel Discussion – Tapio Koivula (Finland), Eivind Meland (Norway), Daniel Goldmand (Denmark), and Stefan Sandén (Sweden) – “Perceptions of Parental Alienation in the Nordic Countries”


17.00 Conclusion


Day Two – Saturday, August 25, 2018

Skeppsholmens folkhögskola, segelsömmarsalen, Slupskjulsvägen 12 



Coordinator for Day Two:  William Bernet



8.00 Asunción Tejedor Huerta – “What Can Experts Do in Cases of Parental Alienation?”


8.45 Ursula Kodjoe – “Consensus Model in Germany with Interdisciplinary Cooperation: Early Intervention as Best Prevention” 




10.00 Demosthenes Lorandos – “Foundation for Cross Examination of Critics of Parental Alienation”


10.45 Ashish Joshi – “Parental Alienation: An International Perspective – From ‘Gardner’s Theory’ to Child Abuse”


11.30 Questions and comments for four morning speakers regarding legal perspectives on parental alienation.


12.00 LUNCH at Skeppsholmens folkhögskola


13.00 Jennifer Harman – “Power Structures among Families Affected by Parental Alienation: Implications and Interventions”


13.45 Karen Woodall and Nick Woodall – “Reunification Work: Experiences from London”


14.30 Linda Gottlieb – Taking the Child and Alienated Parent Down Memory Lane to Reunite: A Role-Play”


15.15 Day Two Panel – “Parental Alienation: What To Do About It in the Future?  Take-home Messages from the PASG2018 Conference”


16.00 Conclusion


M.C. during the two days: David Eberhard, M.D., psychiatrist, writer, Stockholm.

TECHNICAL MANAGER during the two days: Tom Jansen, responsible for video documentation of the conference and online sessions in real time, Belgium.

Sunday, August 26 – Social activity

Two-nights cruise to Helsinki

Join for a cruise through the beautiful archipelagos of Sweden and Finland.

Departure from Stockholm on M/S Silja Serenade on Sunday, August 26 at 4.45 pm. Two nights on board and one day in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Return to Stockholm on Tuesday, August 28 at 9.30 am.

Please make your own booking on There are many different cabin alternatives. Right now an outside cabin costs SEK 760 including all taxes but no meals. This particular cabin is comfortable for two and takes a maximum of four persons who can sleep there.

A painting by Xiaojie Zheng. 

WELCOME to Interactive ART-project on Parental Alienation by the artist Xiao.

Accommodation in Stockholm, near the conference.

STF Stockholm/af Chapman & Skeppsholmen Vandrarhem

Youth Hostel with a view over the Old City, the lake Mälaren and The Royal Castle.

Baker, Amy, Ph.D., in developmental psychology, is the author of Adult Children of Parental Alienation Syndrome: Breaking the Ties That Bind, co-editor with S.Richard Sauber of Working With Alienated  Children and Families,

Location: The island Skeppsholmen in Stockholm, Sweden.