Discipline belt spanking tumblr

A short tale of three girls caught smoking, with shameful and painful consequences.

discipline belt spanking tumblr

There very well could be…….

Dampening the root prior to use is thought to provide sufficient lubricant to avoid any damage as long as you do not rush the insertion. Think about not only what their kink limits are, but the health constraints.

Russian Lad punished with a leather belt

The Punishment of lucyintospanking - Part Five. I receive a variety of mostly interesting and genuine questions through this fun little blog of mine; today one got the wheels turning and thus I decided to challenge myself to answer fully and honestly. Is it just a way to end the dialog or does it truly mean something to me?

A good old-fashioned belt spanking will always insure that an errant submissive male repents his misdeeds.. Originally posted