Hammock single line suspension

The ridgeline is going to be shorter than your hammock. I would very much love to use this but am unable to do so.. Eye bolts work equally […].

hammock single line suspension

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Serac [Durable Hammock & Strap Bundle] Classic Portable Single Camping Hammock with Suspension System - Perfect for the backpack, travel and camping.

The Chameleon is a full-featured 11 foot long hammock designed from the ground up. Each of the components that go into the Chameleon have been developed by us to create a versatile and modular light weight hammock that adapts to its environment. I've had my Helios straps for about a little over a year now and am extremely pleased with them. They are easy to use and setup. Just wrap the tree hunger straps around a tree, hook the hammock to the loop at the end of the dyneema line and slide to your desired setting.

Jun 13, - I'm calling it the Single Line Suspension (SLS). The reason that I'm referring to it as the SLS is because the suspension lines and the ridge line.

Simply put, your suspension system is whatever you use to keep your hammock off the ground. You have some that are great if you are looking for lightweight, some allow for a larger distance between trees, and some connect everything on a single system. There is no one best system it is just whatever works best for you.