Muslims tumblr text posts

Mar 3, - "How did this post get turned into next Friday's khutbah?".

muslims tumblr text posts

I am not Haraam

Focus on loving yourself, and realising that Allah made you just the way you are , and that you are loved. October 3rd, , Queer and queer inclusive parenting needs to be normalized.

Behold The Glory Of American Culture

If they are forced to abandon one way of thinking, then what happens to other non-islamic but cultural practices that people seem to want to cling on to so badly? Allah god islam muslim revert reverthelp reverthelp team convert converthelp new revert new convert new muslim muslim revert muslim convert welcome to islam revert to islam convert to islam how to convert islam prophet muhammad quran sunnah hadith dua pray prayer salah islam help help religion.

Under the moon on the balcony I stood, At midnight smiling seeing you in hood. You alienated him from our idols!

I Read Stupid Tumblr Posts Because I Literally Have Nothing Better To Do With My Life